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It’s my birthday and I feel fantastic!

    It is often said, ‘Age is just a number’ and depending which way you’re looking at it, it’s absolutely right. 

     Having a baby at 40 can send one for a tailspin and somehow lead you to forget about yourself. That is exactly what I have allowed to happen. 

     Despising so much how I looked and felt, I  avoided looking at myself when facing the mirror or refused to get my picture taken. There is a large gap where there are plenty of pictures and memories of my husband and child but mom is in very few of those. Does this sound familiar? 

     One day standing in the kitchen talking with my amazing and supportive husband, I had an ‘Aha!’ moment. Being angry at the state I’m in, wishing for something to change was not going to happen until I made the first move. My husband and now 4 year old child love and believe in me, so now I had to believe in myself. 

     That’s it, the decision is made and I started a nutritional superfood program. It is amazing what happens when you have the mindset to do something. More amazing? What happens when you fuel your body with what it needs. I could feel my body saying “Thank you!” 

     Six months later I have lost weight, gotten so much healthier and had to buy a whole new wardrobe.  I have also gained a few things like lean muscle, confidence, love of life and also like to look at myself in the mirror and totally feel comfortable getting my picture taken. 

    All this to say today is my birthday and I feel fantastic! I was a little bummed out due to my age, but then I saw myself in the mirror and thought “Damn girl… You look sexy!” If this is what 45 looks like, I’m loving it! 

    The journey of getting healthier and personal growth is just starting, I’m not on a diet but rather a lifestyle change. I wake up everyday thankful and amazed at my changes excited for the future. I am worth the effort and so are you! It is my hope that everyone understands that they deserve to be healthy and happy and if anyone is encouraged by this blog then that is the best birthday present. 

      You are what you allow yourself to be, I challenge you to allow yourself to be healthy and happy.

     Thank you for reading!




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