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Cherry coconut and cacao bliss balls

Now this is a recipe I am going to try! Nutrient and power packed. Excellent snack or on the go idea.


The chilly winter weather has well and truly arrived here in Sydney, Roomies. And while the cold, and quite often wet mornings are making my early-morning runs more of a challenge – thank you, treadmill – I do love how the drop in temperature always inspires me to hibernate away in the kitchen and cook up a clean-eating storm.

Case in point: today on this frosty Sunday afternoon, while my slow-cook lamb shoulder worked its magic in the oven (complete with roasted Brussels sprouts, sweet potato mash and steamed greens. Incredible, if I do say so…) – I got to work on dessert: these cherry, coconut and cacao bliss balls. Like cashew nut butter and celery or oats and spicy cinnamon, the combination of cherries, coconut and chocolate (by way of raw cacao powder) is a match made in superfood heaven. It. Just. Works. Every. Time.

I’ve been trying a…

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