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Long Distance Family Making it Work

A friend of mine posted a one frame cartoon drawing on a social media site that spoke volumes. Picture this….You’re sitting on a bus (with one other passenger on board) going on a route through the mountains.  On the right side of the bus your view is the mountain, all you see is rock. I can picture it being a dark and uncomfortable feeling. To the left of the bus, you have the spectacular view of the trees, water and nature at it’s best.  Which side would you sit on? Had you sat on the right side when you got on  and the view changed, would you ‘take it’….or would you get up and move to the side where you could enjoy the view? You move, the other passenger feels that that’s life and as unhappy as (s)he is, stays put. You are both taking the same journey, but going through two totally different experiences. It is a matter of choice, to take control and going for what you want.

Currently our family is separated on a temporary basis and I, as the mom and wife am the one that is relocated until my family can join me. It is an extremely hard thing to be going through.  While in one way I am grateful the blessings that have come my way while I’m here, I desperately miss my husband and child. So, I can cry all day and be sad, curl up in a ball and feel sorry for myself or I can put my big girl panties on and realize that there is a goal ahead. As a family we made the conscious decision to take the risk and go after what we want. It is only temporary.

One of the things we did to have family time and actually have fun together is we bought two sets of books. One set is here with me and the other at our home. Once bath time is done and pi’s are on, my husband shoots me a text and we go ‘live’ on our phones and I read my child a story from one of the books. We chat, read and give kisses and say good-night.  There are creative ways to stay connected and thankfully modern technology has made it so much easier to do so.  We chose to sit on the side of the bus with the view, not to accept a situation that is hard or uncomfortable.

You are worth it, move forward and go for your goals. If it was easy, everyone would do it. Make the best of it! Never forget to put yourself and your health first. You cannot be of any benefit to anyone if you are not healthy, inside and out. Know that there is a view, choose to get up and move so that you can enjoy it.

Live well, Eat well!

Sonia Cosgrove


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