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Lemons please!

In my journey to health and wellness, one common piece of advice that I have been getting is drinking the juice of 1/2 a lemon in warm water first thing in the morning, at least within the first 30 minutes of when you wake up.  Why? What are the benefits? Improving digestion Boosting your immune… Continue reading Lemons please!

Health & Wellness

A gift for you!

  The amazing company that I am partnered up with has a gift for new members  This is a solutions based company that has transformed my health and well being. They have done all the hard work.  Amazing things happen when you fuel your body with the best nutrition. It is never too late to… Continue reading A gift for you!

intro to blogging

Who I am and Why I’m here :)

Roughly around six months ago, I was at a low when it came to certain frustrations and my health. One day I had come to an 'AHA' type moment and realized that sitting there miserable and wishing for things to change were just not going to happen. If you want change, you have to get… Continue reading Who I am and Why I’m here 🙂