Gratefulness, Health & Wellness

Putting Pen to Paper

If there is something that I have learned, it is the power of putting pen to paper, or in this case, keystrokes on screen and pushing send. Time and time again I have read and heard about putting pen to paper and realize that people are on to something.

Here is a challenge I highly recommend everyone try. Take out journal and start listing everything you are grateful for. At first it seems hard, but there is so much. For example, as I sit here outside in a beautiful yard I start with….

  • The beautiful view
  • The birds singing so happily
  • The sun! (Even though it is the beginning of July, it is has still been so cold.)
  • Something about the traffic noise
  • Hearing golfers make contact with the ball
  • Peacefulness
  • Having a day off
  • Reading an amazing book

That is just a start.  My journal is full of gratitudes regarding my husband and child. Our health, being home safe and sound at night, my husband coming home safe from work and the unexpected kind gestures that happened that day. We need to realize what we have before we can be given more.  If you think you have nothing and life sucks, you’re right.  If you realize you have so much to be grateful for and are destined for greatness, you’re right.

Keeping a grateful journal has showed me how blessed I am and how powerful the words I write down can be. Do you have goals? Write them down and then work on them…and then make sure to go back and write down the date that it was met. It will blow you away when time and time again you can write ACCOMPLISHED or MET.

Being healthy and feeding my body with the superfood it needs has been key to my mind and body finally working together. I feel amazing inside and out and this has allowed me to see all that I have to be grateful for. What is even better, is helping people do the same. So get out your pen and paper, start writing and be grateful 🙂

Eat Well, Live Well!



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