intro to blogging

Who I am and Why I’m here :)

Roughly around six months ago, I was at a low when it came to certain frustrations and my health. One day I had come to an ‘AHA’ type moment and realized that sitting there miserable and wishing for things to change were just not going to happen. If you want change, you have to get up and do it…it is not done for you. A quote I read in a book today stated:

You cannot hire someone to do your push ups for you ~Jim Rohn

That statement nailed exactly what I had come to realize a few months ago. So my journey to health and wellness has become a physical, nutritional, personal growth journey and has also opened the door to me helping others to do the same.

People might wonder why a person would start a blog, or why not just write things down? Good question! For me it came down to accountability. By putting my intentions out there for people to see and gulp! now even a broader audience by starting a blog, I have made everyone who follows me on multiple social media type venues my accountability partners.

My intentions are to write about what I’m going through in my own journey towards health and wellness, so I will write about anything from parenthood to fitness. As I learn, I will share.  I would love to connect with anyone going through the same journey. We are all important individuals and are so worth the effort.

In one of my employment interviews I had been asked about a ‘five year plan’ and I would like to send this question out to all of you, “What is your one year plan?” My plan is that through consistent and persistent action, I will be able to look back at where I was to where I am then and be blown away by the positive changes. Ultimately I want to make a living out of helping people as I work towards working for myself and be able to be home for my family and the flexibility it allows.

Eat Well, Live Well!



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