Health & Wellness

I draw the line at fake…..

We recently had a family get-away and it was a wonderful time.  Jumped in our vehicle with somewhat of an idea of what we wanted to do and just went where the wind took us.  We came across a group of shops and it was quite evident that the theme was health & wellness. It was so exciting! We discovered and tried so many healthy lifestyle items. One of the delights I discovered at a vegan café was an almond/coconut milk to put in my coffee, oh so tasty! And good for me too.

One of the mornings we were in a hotel, I had asked my husband to grab me a coffee from the breakfast bar. I was not needing breakfast as I had just fuelled myself with an amazing protein shake.  My coffee arrives, and the only creamer that was available was a fake milk type product.  It was at that moment I realized that I had a line drawn at what I put in my body and that line is fake food. I chose not to consume it.

When you take time to look at it, it’s overwhelming what is being sold to us as ‘food’ such as certain cheeses, milks, breads, salad dressings and even ‘fruit’ type treats. We have a choice and I am  choosing to help my body fight disease, not feed it. You have so many calories a day that your body requires, choose wisely on the source of those calories. Empty or nutritional? Fake or actual superfood? Draining or energizing? While I still have a lot to learn, I am so proud of myself for how far I’ve come.  The first step, is knowing and discovering you are worth the effort and you owe it to yourself and so many others to take care of yourself. One day you may be in the position to pay it forward and change someone’s life.

Everyday is a new day, and it is never too late to start on a new you. Live Well, Eat Well!



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