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Letting Go

It has been quite some time since I have written here and I’m feeling a little rusty!  In my journey to push myself through the fears of what stands between me and my goals, one prompt has been consistent as of late. Writing a blog. So here I am and I’m both scared and excited. Why? Because it means change and I’m willing to challenge my fears and tell it to step aside. I want to focus on what sets my soul on fire. I am passionate about healthy living, whether nutrition or personal growth and I want to share that passion with others.  When you find your passion, you have found your purpose. Who knows? This is going to be an amazing ride!

Here is something I have learned about myself, I have a tendency to keep looking back, even pining for the past and completely missing what is in front of me, making zero room for greatness to enter my life. I for some reason, have given value to things of the past and not appreciating the present. What amazing greatness have I missed out on? What outcomes could have been so much different had I been looking ahead instead of backwards? There is a reason why some friendships end, there is a reason why a door has been closed on what you held dear to your heart. That part of your journey is over.  Some things are only meant to be in our lives for a season, to teach us a lesson or help us grow and then move on.  I have learned the hard way what a costly mistake hanging onto the past can be, but the good news is, it’s not too late to make a change.

What have I done that is helping me get through this? I am so thankful that somewhere inside me, I still have the desire to learn. So when I hit that ‘rock bottom’ I realized how poorly that was working for me and decided to listen to the clues that successful people I admired were leaving.

Read: There are countless books out there that offer amazing life lessons. Starting with recommendations from people I admired and it has taken off from there. You don’t always have to purchase books (although I prefer to own mine) you can start by going to the library or borrowing books from your friends that they found interesting. My reason for wanting to own the books I read is because I am a very tactile learner. Highlighting and writing is how things stick. Some libraries have amazing on-line book rentals where you digitally sign out audio books by downloading onto your device and then they disappear after a certain time. People I have worked with or am friends with are constantly recommending and sharing books that have impacted them. Suggestion? Start with The Energy Bus by John Gordon

Podcasts: There are countless amount of podcasts geared towards what interests you that are packed with life changing information. This has probably been my biggest source of education right here.  I started with one or two people I was familiar with, then due to hearing a guest speaker that I resonated with I will also follow their podcast and also follow them on social media and before you know it you have quite the list! I love podcasts because I can listen to them when I commute to work or am alone at home and even can have it running in the background at work. You are listening to things that are empowering you, teach you and even help bring about the AHA moments we seek for. This is a resource that is so worth discovering. Suggestion? The Art of Charm … This by far, has had the most impact on my life skills.

I have learned to let go of many things, appreciate the moments I am currently in and actually be able to get excited for the future. What an amazing life. This has led to a thankful heart, happiness from deep within, gratitude for what is, a peace that has cleared a lot of the noise in my head, a love for those around me and oh so much more. We are meant for greatness, but we can be the very reason there is that wall between us and our purpose.  Let it go, something more amazing is around the corner.


2 thoughts on “Letting Go”

  1. Very insightful. I have recently been challenged to read more so for me that will be my starting place. I think I tend to look too far in the future which may be fine for setting goals but mine are too often very out of reach. I would like to start looking closer and make my dreams more realistic. Personal development here I come!

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    1. Thank you Bryon for your thoughts! Long term goals are great, but there is also something about building those in between goals too. We need to always be working towards something to keep that fire within burning. Personal development is the best journey we can be on. Congrats on your journey.


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