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Being Grateful….

Everyone has a story, everyone has problems, everyone has something that they are dealing with. Good or bad, stress is stress. One of the dividing differences between how some people appear solid or appear like they are falling apart is how they deal with the situation.

A lesson that I have been learning is one of gratefulness. Being grateful for all the good things in my life. Everyone has good  in their lives. As hard as it is at first to do, when you start having thoughts of negative things or situations switch it! Whether you start singing your favourite song , think of those in your life that you love to the moon and back, admire the beauty of your surroundings or listen to the birds chirping with happiness….you are surrounded by amazing things! We sometimes are so bogged down by the negative, we completely forget to notice the positive.  Be grateful and you will notice your mood and outlook change.

Today I am grateful for my dad who has loved me and done his absolute best to raise me well. I am grateful for my husband who is truly my soul mate and best friend who is the best dad our to son and makes our family complete.

Live well, Eat well!



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